Carol’s Driving and Fishing Excursion

Want to be an angler in Yellowstone National Park?  Follow Carol’s lead and pack your gear.   She likes to start out at Indian Creek Campground.   Park in the picnic area and walk up Obsidian Creek (don’t forget your bear spray).  Her next stop is at the pullout just past Norris Campground.  Several years ago, there was a grizzly bear in the area (don’t forget your bear spray).  Next stop, head on over to Virginia Cascades.  Just past the water fall, there are plenty of pull outs for you to fish from (don’t forget your bear spray).  Time for a break?  Need some lunch?  Head on over to the Canyon General Store.  There are variety of snacks or sit at the counter for a burger and fries.  Now it’s time for one more stop but before we get there, let’s take in the sites as we drive over Dunraven Pass to Tower Roosevelt.  A drive through Lamar Valley is a must if you’ve never been but we still have some fishing to do so we’ll keep going towards Mammoth until we come up to the Lava Creek Picnic Area.  And that’s how we end our day and head on home to Yellowstone’s Edge RV Park.

Carol’s Hiking and Fishing Excursion

For a longer, get-away-from-the-road, fishing excursion, Carol loves hiking to Cascade Lake.  It’s just over two miles to the lake and you might not even see anyone else out there fishing.  Bring your snacks, your bug repellent (there’s a short hike section through the pines and home to mosquitoes), and your bear spray.  Take in the scenery as you make your way to the lake.  You’ll be walking through two beautiful meadows.  If you’re there in mid-July, you’ll see the wildflowers in full bloom so don’t forget your camera too.  It’s not unusual to see bison so be sure to keep a safe distance from them.  As far as fish in the lake, you could catch a grayling or a cutthroat, or both!   Keep an eye out for the osprey too.  They like to dive down and make a splash!

Willie is our go-to guy when it comes to eating out.  He knows just the spot for whatever you’re craving!


Yellowstone Valley Grill-Elk Backstrap and a draft beer

Emigrant Outpost-Burger and a draft beer

Chico Saloon-Wings and a draft beer

Pine Creek Lodge-Chicken Jambalaya and a draft beer

Old Saloon-Baseball Sirloin and a draft beer

Follow Yer Nose BBQ-Baby Back Ribs and Collard Greens and a draft beer

Wildflour Bakery-Ham and Egg Croissant and a Honey Bun Pastry

Big Timber: